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'Views' Was Drake's Selfish Album & We Have To Just Accept It

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OVO founder Drake has been a staple in the Hip-Hop community since late 2006. From his days being “Wheelchair Jimmy” on the hit Canadian teenage drama Degrassi to his first slew of mixtapes Room for Improvement, Comeback Season, and he capped off his first trilogy with his critically acclaimed project, the mixtape that put him and Toronto truly on the map So Far Gone.

Fast forward ten years later and Drake is still pushing the boundaries with his musical creativeness on his latest project Views. In an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe Drake stated that Views was supposed to fit the mood of the city of Toronto, Canada. How the seasons change from winter, spring, summer, fall, and back to winter again. And Views does just that.

Drake’s latest album is not his most creative or original according to some claims, but it’s theDrake that he was pushing to be at the start of his musical career. The Young Money Cash Money member has always dreamed of being the next generation’s Jay-Z but instead he became this generation’s best version of Aubrey Graham.

Drake has continued to push the boundaries when it comes to the music industry, in a world that is full or podcasts, streaming services, and on-demand music Drake gathers everybody on Saturday evenings to listen to the radio like it’s the 1930s.

Drake released Views on Friday, April 29, 2016. In one night he moved 630K units, no other Hip-Hop artists is doing those numbers in this day in age. Sure, many of Drake’s peers are reaching platinum status, but it takes months, sometimes even years for them to achieve that goal. Drake will reach 1,000,000 units sold in a matter of weeks.

Views has been in the works for nearly two years, and the Toronto representor did not disappoint himself. His previous projects; Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, What a Time To Be Alive were projects that we simply for the fans.

Drake has a colossal audience he panders to, from underground backpackers to teenage Caucasian women, in the past Drake has made music for everybody. But Views was his selfish project, the album he made just for himself.

“Weston Road Flows,” “Too Good,” “Child’s Play,” “With You, “Faithful” are all standout songs on the album but songs that Drake could personally relate to. He always could relate to songs he made previously in his career, but Views was the project where he removed the veil between himself and the music and finally became one entity.

The problem with fans is that put Drake in a box, the box that is he’s a rapper that can sing which is not the case at all. Drake is an artist who happens to sing and rap. Will he ever create the Blueprint, Illmatic, or even Good Kid M.a.a.D. City for the culture? Probably not. But he will continue to make the music that moves the generation and continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable in Hip-Hop forward for decades to come.